My name is Kanetha Coffman and my passion is helping Cheer Moms relieve some of the stress associated with Cheer Competitions by providing ponytail extensions that create the perfect cheer hair with less hassle and less time spent getting ready on competition day.


This is what one Cheer Mom had to say about our ponies…

Thank you so much for the ponytail. Your ponytail was a life-saver this morning as we were getting ready. I didn’t have to think about hair all I had to worry about was uniform and makeup. No damaging was done to my daughter hair because of your pony.”


And I know what it’s like. I have a daughter, Aubrey, who has competed for the past 4 years, so I have spent the money and logged the miles taking her to competitions. As you know, it can be difficult sometimes to drive to the completion and prepare for the competition once you get there. 


And the last thing I need is the stress of damaging my daughter’s hair by straightening, it, curling, it and putting tons of products in her hair on every competition day. AND THE CRYING!!! Oh my goodness…


That is what lead me to start Fly High Cheer Hair. But starting my company wasn’t without it’s challenges. First I had to find the right hair. Then I had to find the right design pattern which was a big deal because there was already a company out there doing it. So I had to find right design pattern that would help the girls (and parents) feel confident that it wouldn’t come out on competition day.


But after many months of research and trial and error, I came up with the right combination. And one other thing. I had to make sure I had speedy delivery. I can generally deliver my ponies within two weeks if I have the correct hair in stock, but ALWAYS within 4 – 6 weeks. I also want to be personally involved with my business, so when you call you are talking to me directly. You can call me at 615-480-8445.


So, if you are sick of the stress competition day brings you, and the crying (from you and your daughter)… then Fly High Cheer Hair is for sure the right company for you.


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